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Small, smaller, smallest: guaranteed colourfast and dimensionally stable


For the surface treatment of aluminium and stainless steel, you’ve come to the right place at KO-AR in Stompetoren. KO-AR specialises in precise film thickness and colourfast anodising of small aluminium parts, from just a few parts to large quantities.

Up to 25 microns, we anodise with precise film thickness, with a maximum tolerance margin between the size supplied and the size after anodizing of +/- 2 microns. With hard anodising, we work with precise film thickness up to 30 microns. In the case of film thicknesses exceeding 30 microns, products are to be supplied oversized. We will then anodise to the precise film thickness required.

Clients keep coming back to us because we think as part of their process and represent quality. KO-AR works solution-oriented and guarantees a precise film thickness and colourfast result. KO-AR anodizes in over twenty colours and delivers at the agreed time. KO-AR is all about top quality and top service. The basis of our success is good communication, flexibility and pre-emptive advice. Providing quick service if you wish, without compromising the end result.


Staining and passivating: corrosion-resistant and attractive to the eye


Anodising for a wear-resistant layer without dimensional distortion


Sustainability and decoration: that's our added value

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