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U.S. Defense Standard for Processes and Procedures (MIL-STD) and Technical Requirements and Specifications (MIL-SPEC) is highly regarded worldwide. Defense standards for quality are also applied in industry. KO-AR also uses this standard as the highest possible standard with regard to quality within the surface treatment industry. The method, quality, process analysis of the baths and test methods of the KO-AR surface treatments more than meet the requirements of MIL-A-8625F (see download) which fall under the MIL-STD-171F standard. If deviations from values ​​or problems are found in measurements or produced items, the process is stopped and only resumed after the issues have been resolved.

Research, equipment, material, finishing and advice determine all together determine the quality of the end result. KO-AR is a professional organisation in which people make the difference. Your orders are in good hands with our highly motivated and well-trained professionals.

To make quality measurable, we have state-of-the art 3D and height measurement equipment of Tesa. We apply film thickness of 0 to 50 micrometers with a tolerance margin of +/- 2 micrometers maximum.

KO-AR is a ISO:9001:2015 certified company. Prior to and during production, quality is checked several times. Between times we give information on the status of the processing of your products. To rule out chemical failure we work with the best suppliers of chemicals. All chemical baths are tested extensively by our laboratory staff several times a week. In addition, an external agency provides an objective assessment of the values of the chemicals.

KO-AR provides customised services and advice on material, methods of treatment and fixing points. We provide a test if necessary, so you can assess the result that is to be expected.

ISO-certificate  (jpg)

MIL-A-8625F  (pdf)

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