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According to your wishes, KO-AR guarantees the dimensions of your end product. We achieve the right look with pre-treatments such as shot peening, (matt or glossy) pickling and passivation.

At KO-AR, the material is provided with an oxide layer by an electrolysis treatment. Pigments are used for colouring, and for extra durability or hardness, we seal the anodised products as standard. KO-AR can also apply a PTFE layer which gives wear parts a longer service life.

We relieve our customers as much as possible. From the inspection of incoming materials to the handling and inspection of products to be delivered. Products that come out of our production process (anodising, chromate conversion coating, pickling and passivation) can go straight to the cleanroom for packaging if you wish (optional).

Shot peening

With shot peening, the surface is blasted with glass beads to clean the surface to a smooth surface. Shot peening products is a processing technique whereby there is a structural change in the product. In combination with anodising, this results in a very nice finish of the material. At KO-AR, we work with two different methods: suction feed blasting and direct pressure blasting.

Chromate conversion coating 

Chromate conversion coating is often used as a pre-treatment
for lacquering and spraying, but also because it looks beautiful.
It provides a good adhesion layer, improves corrosion resistance and is also electrically conductive. KO-AR provides both bare chromate conversion coating (chromium 3 treatment) and
yellow chromate conversion coating (chromium 6 treatment).

Optional: cleanroom packaging

KO-AR has an ISO 7-certified mobile cleanroom for the packaging of your products. The flow cabinet in the dust-free cleanroom is certified to cleanroom class ISO 6. We have been released by the semiconductor industry to pack up to grade 2. Any unprocessed materials that we pack for you will have to be cleaned first.

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