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Sustainability and decoration: that's our added value


KO-AR’s clients are mainly producers of precision mechanics in the medical, semiconductor, aviation, space travel and automobile industries. KO-AR provides added value by preserving the products supplied and giving them a more attractive appearance.

Anodising is applied as a protection against corrosion and to improve the properties of materials (such as wear, isolation, friction and adhesion). But it is also decorative. With colour we can embellish products or, conversely, make them ‘invisible’ in the environment they are intended for. KO-AR works with standard colours and client-specific colours.

At KO-AR, an oxide film is added to the material through an electrolysis treatment. Colouring is done with pigments and for extra durability or hardness we seal the anodised products in a standard way. KO-AR can also apply a PTFE film, giving wearing parts a longer service life.


Guaranteed to be both colorfast and precise film thickness


Staining and passivating: corrosion-resistant and attractive to the eye


Anodising for a wear-resistant layer without dimensional distortion

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